January in the garden, all the advice

January in the garden, all the advice

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It is a tradition at the start of the year to wish each other the best wishes and above all good health!

January in the garden is also the month of great resolutions, let's see what it is possible to do in gardening to prepare it slowly for the return of sunny days and therefore for the awakening of nature ...

Let's take advantage of these beautiful days, cool but often sunny, to get back to work and evacuate our little excesses of these last days.

  • Lunar calendar: gardening with the moon in January

The garden in January

January is often coldest of the year for the garden and therefore it is often very difficult to drive any tool into the frozen ground.

The plants rest quietly while fighting against the night and morning frosts.

Planting of the last plants

It is generally difficult to plant in January because, as we mentioned, the earth is very hard to work.

But if your climate or if a slight warming allows it, do not hesitate to plant the last trees, shrubs and fruit trees that you didn't have time to put in the ground.

You can also move all your deciduous plantations, outside of periods of frost, because their vegetation is completely stopped and they can therefore be handled without any worry.

Winter maintenance of roses

If your climate is relatively mild during this period, now is the time to do theat first spray of the year based on Bordeaux mixture.

You will thus facilitate the recovery by protecting them from fungal diseases.

  • If it's not freezing, there is still time to plant bare root roses

Flowers from the garden, balcony and terrace

This is one of the quietest times for most outdoor flowers.

If severe frosts have not yet appeared in your area, it is time to protect your plants from the cold.

  • Find our advice protection of plants against frost.

Prepare your planters because the planting of primroses and thoughts will not delay.

You can do this at the end of the month for regions with a relatively mild climate.

Fruit trees in January

There is still time to plant fruit trees if it doesn't freeze.

Now is the time to do the winter pruning of fruit trees.

  • Also follow our advice pruning apple and pear trees.

If you have already planted your fruit trees, check that they have passed the first weeks or months and, possibly, replace the stake which may have moved.

Lawn, grass in January

In severe frost, the ground becomes very hard and the lawn brittle.

  • Avoid walking on your lawn as this could seriously damage it.

Vegetable garden in January

While most winter crops can withstand the cold without protection, it is advisable to protect in case of severe frost.

Use for this a mulch, dead leaves or straw, which will make lifting even easier if the ground is completely frozen.

  • You can start to prepare the terrain for the first sowing and first planting.
  • To do this, spread an organic amendment, ideally based on manure and algae, on your soil.

First sowings in January:

Under heated shelter, some varieties can already be sown.

We thus find: carrots, the cabbage, leeks, endives (chicory),the lettuce, or turnips.

Here are the gardening tips to do in January. The days will gradually get longer and the next month will slowly see the awakening of your garden.

  • Lunar calendar: gardening with the moon in January

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