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Colchicum: a little flower to rediscover

Colchicum: a little flower to rediscover

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Colchicum, or fall crocus, is a very pretty little bulbous flower that blooms from early fall until the first winter frosts.

In summary, what you need to know:

Last name : Colchicum autumnale
Family : Liliaceae
Type : Bulbeuse

Height : 10 to 20 cm
Exposure : Sunny
Ground : Ordinary

Flowering : September to November

Easy to maintain, it likes the sun or light shade.

Planting colchicum

Colchicum is a perennial bulb easy to plant and which will flourish from year to year.

Plant the bulbs in the month of July to September about 10-15 cm deep, keeping the same distance between each bulb.

Colchicum are plants that perfectly find their place in ground cover.

  • It is "smart" to make small batches of ten to create as many spots of color.
  • Prefer a sunny or partially shaded place for better flowering

If the crocus and colchicae look alike, they are plants from different families.

Colchicum maintenance

Easy to maintain and easy to grow, colchicum requires very little care and flowers profusely in the fall.

This is one of the great advantages of colchicum, is that it does not require any maintenance and will naturalize very quickly in your garden.

After flowering, wait until the foliage is completely wilted before cutting it or leave it in place without touching it, even better.

  1. Watering after a very dry summer and autumn can revive colchicum.
  2. Regular hoeing around the flowers allows you to benefit more from the flowering.

Colchicum diseases:

Colchicum is a plant that hardly fears any disease or parasite.

The only problems that can arise are slugs and snails, but the damage is often very limited.

To know about colchicum

The colchicum, native to Turkey and Iran, has around 100 species worldwide. Particularly toxic, it is also called Killer dog as its toxicity can be fatal for animals.

This bulbous which gave its name to a famous tune,“Colchicum in the meadows bloom, bloom…! " is perfectly suited to borders but also at the foot of trees which they will highlight perfectly.

The song made him famous, but this flower was once one of the most common.

The arrival of colchicum traditionally indicates the end of summer but its pretty white, purple, pink-lilac or purple flowers make us forget that autumn is coming ...

The release of colchicum is very quick and indeed often marks the arrival of autumn. Besides, we sing: "Colchicum in the meadows, it's the end of summer".

Smart tip about colchicum

Do nothing, colchicum grows perfectly on its own from year to year!

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