Wrought iron, essential in the garden

Wrought iron, essential in the garden

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Garden furniture, pergola, edging, bench, swing, gate, gate, decorations ... Wrought iron magnifies the garden by adapting to all styles and requirements.

It was from the nineteenth century, when metallurgy developed and steel began to be used industrially, that wrought iron achievements gained momentum, until they invaded gardens!

For three years he has been an outdoor star again. Its main competitor is wood, “but it is ultimately a foil to metal… it has so many advantages! ", Smiles Bernard Joly, creator of the company Métal Vert, which mainly designs supports for climbing plants.

Many advantages

The first advantage of wrought iron is its durability. He spends the ages without taking a wrinkle. "For the best quality, choose galvanized," advises the wrought iron specialist. Once installed, you will never have to change it again, it will be almost indestructible ".

Wrought iron is also very easy to maintain, requiring almost no attention. Only a wipe of the sponge is sufficient for seasonal cleaning. And if your gate does rust, just apply a little Rustol® (spray or brush) before repainting the damaged area and it will be like new again for the next six to ten years. "Finally, if you have to renovate an entirely rusted gate, the ideal is to have it sandblasted before repainting it", specifies Bernard Joly.

Last but not least… It allows all possible shapes, and unlimited creativity… with its Corten® variant.

The little brother of wrought iron

The self-skating steel known as Corten® is a rusted and stabilized steel: the rust layer becomes protective and the iron does not move.

"But Corten® only exists in sheet metal, so you can laser cut it, twist it, bend it ...

However, it does not exist in tubes, which limits its field of use, unlike real wrought iron ".

A material in tune with the times

The decorative aspect is essential today in all planning questions. For wrought iron designs, the trend is developing around laser cutting: it is thus possible to submit an accurate drawing to the manufacturer of your gate or table to personalize it. In addition, it is now available in all the colors of the RAL color chart.

Wrought iron brings together all the advantages of a vintage and ultra-modern material, which explains its success!

Claire Lelong-Lehoang.

Visual credits: © Métal Vert
Wrought iron lounge: © Oocoskun Fotolia

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