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Laurel, green in winter

Laurel, green in winter

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Do you want to bring a touch of greenery to your balcony or terrace?

Go for a bay leaf.

Laurel-sauce or laurel tin, these two species which are not part of the same family have common qualities.

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Laurel sauce, for fragrant topiaries

Essential of bouquet garni, with its thick glossy and fragrant leaves, the laurel sauce (laurus nobilis) is a shrub that stays green all year round. Cultivated since ancient times, it wore the hats of the winners of the Greek Olympic Games and of Roman heroes. Rustic, this native of the South adapts to virtually all climates (except mountainous) when it is sheltered from cold winds.

In the garden, it tolerates all soil provided it is well drained. In a pot, in a large container, it lends itself well to growing on the balcony, especially in the form of a topiary, cut into a ball, cone or spiral. Pruning is done with secateurs in June and September.

Install your laurel in the sun. In pots, water it once a week. Shower its foliage regularly in summer to prevent the development of pests. In winter, if temperatures drop below freezing, wrap its foliage in a wintering veil and its pot in bubble wrap to protect them from the cold.

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The laurel tin, for its winter flowers

From the Caprifoliaceae family, such as honeysuckle and the elderberry, the laurel tin (viburnum tinus) is a shrub with a rounded habit and evergreen foliage. Originally from the south of France and North Africa, he blooms all winter small bunches of white flowers (November to April), followed by blue-black berries. In massif or in ferry, it thrives in regions with mild winters and does not fear pollution from cities or sea spray.

Place it in the sun or partial shade in well-drained soil. Straw its foot in winter to protect it from frost. After flowering, halve the flowering twigs to promote growth and flowering the following year.

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