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Bilberry: from planting to harvest

Bilberry: from planting to harvest

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The blueberry is a wonderful small fruit tree whose easy cultivation will delight you with its delicious blueberries.

In summary, what you need to know:

Last name : Vaccinium
Family : Ericaceae
Type : Shrub fruit tree

: 80 to 150 cm
Exposure : Sunny and partial shade
Ground : Acid, heather earth

: Expired -Flowering : May -Harvest : Summer

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Planting, watering, pruning and maintenance will improve the blueberry harvest.

Blueberry plantation, lingonberry

It is recommended to plant in autumn, between October and November, in order to encourage rooting and therefore recovery.

You can also plant in spring taking care to water more generously the first year.

Blueberries are planted like a heathland and therefore in acidic soil. So choose heather soil when planting.

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Multiplication of blueberries

Regarding the multiplication of blueberry, the layering is the easiest and fastest way to get new plants.

You can also cuttings your blueberries on herbaceous stems in early summer or lignified in fall and winter.

Pruning and caring for blueberries

here is a small fruit shrub easy to maintain.

Blueberry size:

The period for pruning blueberries is located at late winter, early spring.The months of February-March are generally the most suitable for pruning.

Iimportant: A branch does not produce more than 3 or 4 years in a row and each branch only produces on wood that is 2 years old or of the previous year.

Also note that the most vigorous stems, usually growing from the base, are the ones that will give the most beautiful blueberries.

  • The branches should then be pruned when they are no longer producing.
  • You will therefore prune branches more than 3 years old.
  • We must also remove the weakest and most fragile branches.
  • Finally, remove the dead wood and let as much light as possible enter the heart of the blueberry tree.

Watering and fertilizer application:

A contribution offertilizer in spring will greatly improve the blueberry harvest.

Bilberry appreciates cool soils and should therefore be watered regularly, in case of drought or strong heat.

Mulching helps keep moisture in the soil longer.

To know about the blueberry tree

Delicious fruits to cook in sauce with game, in pie or in jam, blueberries are finally a relatively simple fruit to produce.

Maintenance is limited, watering kept to a minimum in summer, and pruning done every 3 to 4 years.

You will quickly have the satisfaction of going to pick your blueberries during the summer in your garden.

Note that to ensure a good harvest of blueberries, it is better to protect your shrubs because slugs and birds love them.

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Smart tip

A mulching at the foot of this plant during winter will protect it advantageously from the cold.

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