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The chestnut, the symbol of autumn

The chestnut, the symbol of autumn

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Chestnuts, the symbol of autumn Available from mid-September, chestnuts are harvested when ripe for six weeks.

It will delight the taste buds until the end of the year celebrations.

From the nourishing tree of prehistory

From the same family as the oak, the chestnut thrived during the Tertiary era. For thousands of years, people have reaped its fruits. They use its wood to build and furnish their houses. It was then considered to be the quintessential nourishment tree.

Its cultivation has allowed people in mountainous regions to survive in the absence of cereal crops for 3,000 years. In the Cévennes, in Auvergne and more particularly in Corsica, the chestnut is "the meat of the poor".

Today, 700 varieties have been identified by INRA (National Institute for Agronomic Research).

Do not confuse with his cousin, the brown

A priori, difficult to tell the difference between a chestnut and a chestnut. However, their shape gives all the indications. When the bug opens, the chestnut breaks up while the chestnut remains whole.

Please note: horse chestnut, made from the only essence existing in France, is not edible. As for the chestnut, we choose it very shiny and without a hole.

It is tasted pan-fried, boiled, in soup, mashed ...

Lamb stew with chestnuts and pumpkin

For 4 people :

250 g chestnut
1.2 kg of boneless lamb shoulder
1 onion
5 cloves of garlic
1 sprig of thyme, 1 bay leaf
25 cl of walnut wine
1 C. tablespoon flour
2 tbsp. of sunflower oil
300 g of pumpkin
1 C. tablespoon nut oil
Salt and pepper from the mill.

Cut the shoulder of lamb into large cubes. Brown them with olive oil for a few minutes over high heat in a cast iron casserole dish. Salt and pepper. Add the crushed cloves of garlic, chopped onion, thyme and bay leaf. Leave to return for a few minutes then deglaze with the walnut wine. After reducing the liquid, add the flour and mix. Pour 25 cl of hot water and simmer over low heat for 1h15. Peel and cut the pumpkin into cubes. Place the pumpkin cubes and chestnuts in the casserole dish and cook for another 15 minutes. Off the heat, add the walnut oil and mix. Serve in the cooking pot.


Visual credits: Chestnuts 1: © Coco Fotolia Chestnuts 2: © Reshoot Fotolia Chestnuts 3: © Al62 Fotolia Navarin d 'lamb with chestnuts and pumpkin: © Interbev

Video: Beautiful Horse Chestnut Trees with Sarah Rees (July 2022).


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