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Bigarreau cherry, essential cherries

Bigarreau cherry, essential cherries

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The bigarreau cherry gives beautiful cherries, sweet, firm and fleshy and a production of the most abundant.

In summary, what you need to know:

Last name : Prunus avium
Family : Rosaceae
Type : Tree fruit tree

: 6 to 15 m
Exposure : Sunny
Ground : Ordinary

: Expired -Flowering : April -Harvest : June to July

Plant a Bigarreau cherry tree

Planting the bigarreau cherry tree is an important step because, well done, it promotes good growth and therefore fruiting of the cherry tree and bigarreau cherries.

  • It is strongly recommended to plant in the fall to promote rooting.
    The plantation in spring bigarreau cherry is also quite possible, but with a little more watering at the beginning.
  • Choose grafted cherry trees to give fruit.
  • Check out our planting tips.

Bigarreau cherry pruning

Here is a controversial subject because pruning the Bigarreau cherry tree, whatever the variety, tends to weaken the tree and becomes the source of many diseases.

However, it is sometimes necessary to prune if the Bigarreau cherry tree becomes too large or if certain branches become too fragile. The cherry tree does not support the size so it must therefore be reduced to the strict minimum.

  • Air the heart of the cherry tree to let in as much light as possible.
  • Remove dead, fragile or broken branches.
  • If a branch breaks, immediately apply a healing putty on the wound.
    The healing putty prevents the appearance of diseases and fungi.
  • If you have a too big cherry tree, cut it in august or september and immediately protect it with a healing sealant.

To know about the Bigarreau cherry tree

The Bigarreau cherry is a vigorous and fast growing cherry tree. Certainly the most cultivated in our latitudes, it resists very well to most soils and climates.

An essential part of our gardens when it comes to planting fruit trees or creating an orchard, the Bigarreau cherry tree presents many advantages.

  • He has one beautiful bloom late which stimulates fruiting.
  • Its fruits are plump, sweet and rich in vitamin C.
  • It practically adapts to all climates and requires little maintenance or special watering.

Varieties of cherry trees

If you are planting several cherry trees, mix the varieties to stimulate pollination and therefore fruiting.

If you only plant one, choose one so-called self-fertile variety as the bigarreau summit where the bigarreau sweetheart for your desserts and preserves.

Finally, for an early variety, opt for the Cherry tree bigarreau burlat and its bright red and juicy cherries

It is essential to plant a self-fertile variety when there is only one cherry tree because without it you will not have cherries.

Tip about the Bigarreau cherry tree

Watch out for the devastation that birds can cause.
They can rob you of your harvest in just a few days.

  • The ideal is to use a netting against birds that you buy in specialized stores.
  • They can be deterred by putting aluminum foil or CDs on the branches.
    But the birds quickly familiarize themselves with this kind of stratagem….

Common diseases and pests in Bigarreau cherry

The cherry tree is a fruit tree considered sensitive and should be pruned as little as possible because each pruning is a source of entry for mushrooms in particular.

  • Cherry fly: Cherries are attacked by fly larvae and holes form in cherries
  • Aphids: The leaves curl up and lose their original color, they turn yellow or discolour
  • Scale insects: A white or pinkish cluster with a mealy appearance forms on the branches and leaves
  • Moniliosis: the cherries are rotting on the tree

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