Fruit trees

Plant fruit trees!

Plant fruit trees!

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Cherries, apples, pears… What a pleasure to harvest the fruits of your garden!

Autumn is the right season to plant fruit trees.

True orchard, small garden or balcony: varieties exist for all configurations.

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Choosing the right fruit tree

Ideal for choosing your fruit tree: taste its fruits. Do not hesitate to ask your nurseryman for it. If that’s not possible, find out about their harvest time, use, shelf life and taste!

It is best to choose local varieties, which will be perfectly suited to the soil and climate of your region, but if you are in doubt, there are hardy ones that are suitable everywhere, such as "Golden Delicious" for apple trees or "Buttered Hardy " for the pear trees. The peach and apricot trees generally need the sweetness of the South, but the “Pêche de Nancy” and the “Bergeron” are planted north of the Loire.

Preferences for a fruit tree

Fruit trees need to be in the sun and sheltered from cold winds.

Everyone appreciates a well-drained soil, with a preference for rich lands for the apple trees and the pear trees, light for peach, the cherry trees and theapricot trees - the latter two supporting stony and limestone soil.

Choose two different varieties to benefit from cross pollination.

If you only plant one, go for a tree self-fertile fruit tree.

Trained fruit trees, dwarfs, training ...

Fruit trees are available in many forms that make them suitable for any garden.

Due to their small size, trellis trees are suitable for small gardens.

The dwarf fruit trees, which do not exceed 150 cm when adult, are cultivated in containers on the balcony. Note that their fruits are normal size!

The trained fruit trees are trees that are already a few years old, allowing for quick fruiting - usually the year after planting - and less care: perfect for beginners!

Planting a fruit tree

Plant your fruit trees at the end of autumn - for promote their rooting - in a hole twice as large as the volume of the roots. Install the trellis or stake before the tree. Praline the roots, add a few handfuls of ripe compost and water generously to compact the soil.

The graft point must be at ground level.

Straw and water in case of drought during the first two years.

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