Aerophagia: naturally heal by plants

Aerophagia: naturally heal by plants

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The breathing is a life process for the living beings, and in particular for humans.

While breathing, a whole set of mechanisms pphysical and biochemical are activated in the human body throughgas exchange, essential to the life.

Thus, swallowing 2 to 4 liters of air per day is quite normal.

But, when eating we swallow a too much air volume which enters theesophagus and thestomach, it becomes embarrassing.
The subject then suffers fromaerophagia translated into a need foreructation and, abdominal tightness.

This discomfort caused in the subject is a physiological phenomenon which, once it has become excessive, is bothersome.

What to do ? Can we overcome aerophagia with virtues of plants ? Overview…

Definition of aerophagia

Etymologically, word "aerophagia " come from ancient Greek "Aeros" which means "air", and "phagie" comes from the ancient Greek "fagos" (or "phagia") which means "glutton".

Defined as a "excessive swallowing ofair in the digestive tract, causing abnormal dilation of theesophagus and thestomach and their swelling ", Aerophagia occurs when the subject speaks, swallows saliva, drinks or eats while simultaneously absorbing a lot of air.

Symptoms of aerophagia

Indeed, being part of functional disorders benign, this physiological phenomenon manifests itself by feeling of gravity, of bloating, of heaviness in the stomach, ofbelching frequent, especially after the meal.

Besides these symptoms, we also note gurgling in the digestive tract, a abdominal cramp and nausea, often accompanied by palpitations or from dizziness.

Causes of aerophagia

Still called "aerogastria " or "abdominal meteorism ", this physiological discomfort caused by excess air in the stomach is caused by a variety of factors, both singly and in combination.

In addition to certain diseases, health professionals retain factors including:

- The rapid swallowing : some people have the habit of eating too fast. This poor food hygiene is often caused by stress and theanxiety : subject eats too fast and thus usually swallows a lot of air.

- Thehypersalivation, especially when wearing an unsuitable dental prosthesis

- The sureconsumption of soft drinks (especially sodas)

- Some too big meal and very rich in fats and sugars

- Intensive chewing of chewing gum ;

- The thumb sucking in children

- Inhaling the smoke of cigarette

- The repeated eructation which becomes a "tic" in the subject.

When aerophagia rhymes with physiological discomfort

Anyone subject to abdominal meteorism, experiences physiological discomfort on a daily basis resulting in bloating sometimes painful, flatulence or even belching.

In fact, too much swallowed air and food cause the stomach to swell, thus hampering digestion.

However, the stomach and colon must get rid of this excess gas buildup.
Very unpleasant but generally not dangerous, these digestive concerns are generally manifested by gas emission over there mouth (burping) and / or by theanus (pets).

Relieve Aerophagia with Plants

Do you complain of bloating, untimely belching, and have a swollen belly? You are certainly subject to aerophagia.

Very often plants play a regulatory role on these ailments.
Healing with plants is therefore not an empty concept.
For example, thestar anise or the star anise prevent aerophagia.

However, be aware that if theTarragon relieves spasms, Caraway and theAngelic them, promote and regulate digestion.

About the Lovage, it is very often effective in calming bloating and, in turn, peppermint stimulates the functions of the stomach.

Moreover, the virtues of Coriander and Pink radish are known to fight against aerophagia.

The cumin, the fennel, and the thyme are also known for their virtues against aerophagia.

The fresh basilic him, is indicated in case of stress.

However, in the event of excessive pain associated with aerophagia, a medical advice is essential to relieve you.

How to take?

To relieve you, a infusion is recommended. Here are some grandmother's recipes that make perfect sense.

Mix 1 teaspoon of the plant of your choice, in 1 liter of boiling water. Add somecinnamon and honey at will.

Let it steep for ten minutes, pass then, drink one hot cup 3 times a day, preferably after the meals.

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