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An olive tree, even in the north!

An olive tree, even in the north!

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An olive tree in the north of France, it is possible! As long as you take into account the requirements of this exception tree.

From the oleacea family, the olive tree is the quintessential Mediterranean tree. It evokes the heat, the light and the song of the cicadas of the southern regions.

Slow growing, it has an extraordinary longevity.

The tormented appearance of its trunk and its evergreen foliage in gray green tones make it a very beautiful ornamental tree.

Because above the Loire, it is its decorative aspect that takes precedence, we must not count on olive production!

Olive tree on the balcony in the north

The olive tree adapts well to the container culture if it enjoys a sunny exposure and sheltered from the winds. Choose a beautiful terracotta pot in which you can add a few feet of lavender.

As the olive tree is resistant to drought, it requires moderate watering. It tolerates transplantation very well, so you can change the container as soon as you feel cramped.

In winter, shelter it in a dry, cool and bright room.

Olive tree in the ground in the north

You can plant your Olivier in the ground if your garden meets the following conditions: southern exposure, light, dry and well-drained soil. You will also need some space - 6 to 8 meters around its trunk - as it is a successful tree isolated.

It fears humidity and strong winds, but can tolerate negative temperatures down to minus 15 degrees, provided the cold is dry.

During the first years of your olive tree's growth, watch out for rabbits! They can nibble on the trunk of your sapling and endanger it if they get to the heart. Finally, consider pruning it at the end of winter to help it form a unique trunk.

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