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Skimmia: superb all year round

Skimmia: superb all year round

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Skimmia is a very beautiful shrub that is as attractive in winter as it is in spring.

In summary, what you need to know:

Last name : Skimmia japonica
Family : Rutaceae
Type : Shrub

: 1 m
Exposure : Sunny, partial shade
Ground : Heathland

: Persistent -Flowering : April to June

Maintenance, from planting to pruning, are all things that will help you have a beautiful skimmia.

Planting skimmia

The planting of skimmia takes place preferably in autumn, but the plantation in spring is quite possible.

Know that the skimmia particularly likes acid soils and will therefore enjoyheathland.

  • For the constitution of a hedge, space your skimmias 40 to 60 cm, no more
  • Prefer shaded areas at the hottest hours of the day
  • Follow our advice planting shrubs.

This shrub adapts perfectly to the pot culture for your terraces and balconies, with heather shrub beds or isolated.

  • To cultivate a skimmia in pot, mix 1/3 of potting soil with 2/3 of heather soil and make sure that the bottom of the pot is well drained and pierced.

Warning : To have red berries in winter, it is essential to have a male and a female foot.

Skimmia cutting

We can easily multiply the skimmia by cuttings, this is the easiest and fastest technique.

  • Skimmia cuttings take place at the end of summer on semi-hardwood (not yet hard)
  • To follow our tips for good cuttings your shrubs

Maintenance, pruning and watering of the skimmia

Skimmia japonica is easy to grow and does not require special care or maintenance, especially when properly installed.

Whether in soil or in a pot, here are our tips for growing skimmia through the seasons.

Water the skimmia well:

It should bewater regularly in case of prolonged droughts, especially for skimmias planted in pots.

Mulching with pine bark helps maintain freshness in the soil.

Cut the skimmia well:

  • No pruning is really necessary, although it can sometimes be useful.
  • If you nevertheless wish rebalance or reduce the antlers, perform this gesture after flowering.
  • Remove fragile or broken branches as you go.

To know about skimmia

This relatively slow-growing shrub with a rounded shape offers a very beautiful spring flowering particularly fragrant with accents of orange blossoms.

But it is best known for its berries, which it leaves in the fall and which remain on the shrub all winter.

The flowering leaves room for pretty red fruits that allow Skimmia to be colorful from spring to winter.

In addition, with its persistent and fragrant foliage, you will appreciate it all the more on your terrace or balcony.

  • The leaves of the skimmia give off a delicate odor when crumpled.

We can associate skimmia with all heather earth plants such ashydrangea, the camellia, theazalea, the heather or the rhododendron.

Smart tip about skimmia

Avoid planting it where water is stagnant in the soil because it likes well-drained soil.

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